Friday, 10 July 2015

Install Bluestacks App Player with 1GB Ram Or Without Graphic Card !!

While install Bluestacks App player there may be many people who might be suffering from errors like &#;Graphic card should be updated&#;, &#;Graphic card not supported&#; or &Insufficient memory or hardware error&#; while installing Bluestacks in their low specs system.

But Now there is a solution !!!

All you need is an application and you are good to go.You will be running Bluestacks in your Low specs Pc in no time.
Screen Shots

Just follow the Steps Below.

This trick only works with offline installer and not with split installer

What will You Need ?

Orca Software

BlueStacks Offline Installer | Download It

A PC with 1GB Ram or below Or Low End Graphics.

Download and Install Orca

Download the BlueStack Offline Installer File.

Go to the directory where you downloaded the Offline Installer.

Right click on the Bluestacks Installer and Select

A new window will open in orca

Installed Or Physical Memory

Delete this option also and press OK.

Now click on Save button icon and close Orca

Now try installing bluestacks using offline

Hopefully it will run on your system sucessfully

Click here To Download Bluestacks (Rooted)

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